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There are millions of freshers and entry level candidates who apply for jobs everyday. Every candidate submits a resume to apply for job. It is not possible for companies to go through all resumes. So they use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter out resumes. Only few resumes are selected for further screening after going through ATS.

So, it is important to build ATS friendly resume for entry level candidates to beat the competition. We have designed ATS friendly resumes that will pass the ATS software and help you navigate to next round of selection. Download the resume in docx format for free.

Download Entry level ATS friendly resume for free

How to write in ATS friendly Resume for freshers

Content of the resume is very important while writing ATS friendly resume because the ATS software will scan the wordings of the the resume to pass or reject the resume. Here are few tips to write the content of entry level ATS friendly resume –

Include relevant keywords according to Job description

You should read the job description carefully and include all the important keywords in your resume based on job description. You should include the exact skills as mentioned in the job description to pass the ATS software. Also, your overall resume should match the job description.

Example – If the job is for Java Developer and the job description has required skills as Core Java, J2EE, Spring and RESTful API. Then you should include exact wordings of these skills in your resume.

Do not use Ambiguous or Alternative words

You should not use alternative wordings that can confuse the ATS software. Use only popular words or jargons for your entry level resume.

Example – For mentioning internship do not use headings like ‘Where I have been’, this may confuse ATS and may reject your resume. Use common words such as ‘Internship’ or ‘Professional Experience’ to get passed by ATS.

Use standard fonts and styles

The fonts and style of the fresher resume should not be too much stylish or fancy. The ATS system may not be able to recognize the wording due to fancy font. Use standard fonts such as ‘Times New Roman’, ‘Arial’, ‘Calibri’ or ‘Verdana’.

Include important sections in Entry Level resume

Every ATS friendly entry level resume should include all the relevant sections that are applicable for a beginner. Some of the important sections that must be included are –

  • Education
  • Skills
  • Internship
  • Achievements
  • Contact

In our fresher resume templates we have included all these important sections, so that your resume can get passed through ATS system and you are able to get an interview with the company.

File type for ATS friendly resume for freshers

PDF is the best file type to share any resume. PDF format ensures that the resume is not easily editable and also provides security. But, not all ATS software support PDF file type. Some may require to upload doc or docx format.

So, you should read the job description carefully before uploading the resume because in the job description it is mentioned that which file type of resume is supported.

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