ATS friendly Resume for Experienced Professionals

Thousands of experienced professional are looking to switch their jobs every day. Every professional submits a resume to apply for a new job. This resume is passed through the ATS software by the companies to get only the resumes that fit the job description.

So, it is important to build ATS friendly resume for experienced professionals. Our ATS friendly resume templates can be used by experienced professionals, mid level employees, senior employees or high level executives. You can download the ATS resume in docx format for free and edit through Microsoft Word software.

Download ATS friendly resume for Experienced Professionals

What is ATS

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. ATS is used by companies to shortlist resumes for interview. Not just shortlisting ATS can take of the the complete hiring process, right from posting jobs, shortlisting resumes, tracking candidate progress etc. ATS stores all the details of candidates required for hiring.

Each job opening receives thousands for resumes. It is not humanly possible to read each resume and shortlist the suitable candidates. So, companies use Applicant tracking system to shortlist only the resumes that are suitable for given job description.

How does ATS works

ATS scans all the resumes against a given job description and shortlist the resumes that match the job description most. ATS matches the keywords that are present in job description with the wordings of the resume. Only the resumes that match the most keywords are selected for further interview process.

These keywords can be skills required, experience, soft skills, education requirements etc. So, you should design the resume according to job description.

Tips to write ATS friendly Resume for Experienced Professionals

Each resume should be written and designed to pass the ATS. We have compiled few tips to write ATS-friendly resume –

  1. The wordings of the resume should be according to job description. Include relevant keywords based on the job profile.
  2. Use clear fonts. Avoid the use of fancy fonts because the ATS may not be able to read such words. You can use fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Helvetica etc.
  3. Upload the resume in PDF or docx format. Read the job description carefully to find which formats are supported.
  4. The titles of each section of resume should be clear and correct. Avoid the use of confusing words and use industry level standard wordings such as Skills, Work Experience, Education, Contact etc.

You can also create ATS friendly resume for entry level at – freshers ATS friendly resume.

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